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Q3F Reverse Trike - Two Tires In The Front Q3F

Nothing on three wheels handles like an American Q-tec Q3F reverse trike with two tires in the front. The independent double A-arm suspension, low center of gravity and three wheel disc brakes hooked to an integrated master cylinder with all the braking being handled with the rear brake pedal, it will corner like a demon and stop on a dime. 

Available Options:
Chrome triple trees, Mechanical reverse, Car tire installed in the rear, Upgrade to LED Headlamps
Upgrade to LED Turn Signals.


Reverse Trike

The suspension was designed by a Formula One racing engineer resulting in the use of custom double A-arms with full adjustability for your caster, camber and toe in setting to ensure your handling is responsive but predictable. 

Rear TrikeThe preload adjustable shocks allow you to fine tune your ride for you, you and a passenger or you, a passenger and a bunch of stuff packed in or on your trike for a long ride or even pulling a trailer.

Q3R Traditional Trike Kit - Two Tires In The Rear - 3 Versions


Standard Features:
Qtec-Engineering’s Euro Spec Exhaust, Rear Mounted Luggage Rack (black powder coat)
Independent double A-arm suspension, Adjustable preload rear shocks,Three wheel disc brakes.

Available Options:
Dual or Two into One Exhaust, Chrome Luggage Rack, H-D style Tour Pak (painted to match)
Mechanical Reverse (clutch operated), Rake Kit (easier to steer), Rear Bumper (Black or Chrome), Tow Hitch Receiver 

About QTec-Engineering Conversions Kits:

These conversions are imported from Belgium from the manufacturer Qtec-Engineering, where they have been building them and selling them all over Europe, Spain, Vietnam and many other countries for over ten years.

Being that they are built in Belgium and are Euro Spec certified, the quality of the components and the body panels are fantastic and require no modifications to the bikes original frame.

To ensure a hassle free ownership experience, the creator of these incredible conversions made sure that the wear and tear items were not proprietary and are easy to service. They are from either a VW Golf III, Harley-Davidson or S&S.

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